Optimization Guide for x86 Platforms

An optimization guide I wrote for Unity development on x86 platforms.  The guide covers the use of a few analysis tools & provides advice on various optimizations listed below.  I've also included a few optimization videos I recorded to accompany the guide.

  • Tools

    • The Unity Profiler​

    • Intel GPA System Analyzer

    • Intel GPA Frame Analyzer

  • Scripting Optimizations​

    • Script Frustum Culling​

    • Smart memory management / Garbage Collection Minimization

    • Caching Frequently Used Objects / Components

    • Best Practices for Working with the Unity Physics System

    • Disabling Renderers of Fully Transparent Objects

  • Editor Optimizations​

    • Occlusion Culling​

    • LOD: Level of Detail Systems

    • Shadows

    • Camera Pitfalls

    • Render Queue Ordering

    • Lightmapping

    • Approximation of Mesh Colliders with Simple for Complex Models

    • Compressing Textures

    • Mobile Stock Shaders (Mobile)

    • Static / Dynamic Batching

    • HDR - High Dynamic Range

    • Selecting the Optimal Render Path

    • Beware Extra Forward Draws for Important Lights

Disable Fully Transparent Objects in Unity* Video

Render Queue Ordering in Unity* Video