Brains and Triggers

I stumbled upon a pretty cool trick on my way out to Unite Berlin. I was stuck on the tarmac and listening to a pretty cool book on Audible called 'The Brain Warriors Way'. The main idea of this book is making sure that the brain is performing optimally through day to day life choices. Although I am one of those health book weirdos, I would recommend this awesome book to anyone. Our brains literally paint our perspective of reality and many of the issues we each face in our day to day lives can be effected in a positive way by making smart decisions when it comes to diet, exercise and mental patterns.

The author is a doctor and has been scanning brains to help determine how he can help each of his patients specific issues. He drops this notion he calls 'Brain Envy', which he first coined after scanning his 60+ year old mom's brain and found it healthier than his own. This caused him to want to strive for that in his own life. Most of us have some kind of physical envy when it comes to our abs or whatever the hell, but not for the most precious organ we have. This is probably because it's hard to visualize a healthy brain as it's locked up in our opaque brain cages. Anyway, check out the book… it's not ENTIRELY what this post is about :).

I decided to take a break from listening to reflect on this notion to try it seal it in my head. As my distractible mind does, I naturally veered off on a mental tangent and decided my phone's wallpaper was getting a bit stale. I switched it to one of my favorite artist on Instagram's lasted pieces (@aeforia - super cool 3D renderings). Throughout the plane ride I found that I had naturally associated it with this brain envy idea as they were both in my working memory at the time. I decided to make it my intention to trigger this thought whenever I look at it.

Then I realized that there's always some cool new habit or philosophy I want to seal in my brain and since my wallpaper gets stale quite often, I can use the brain's naturally photographic associative tendency to help me put new learnings or habits into practice. Now when I wake in the morning to turn off my alarm, I see my wallpaper and get that new idea into my head space before I start my day. I will keep this up and see how well it goes! Anyway, thought I'd share!

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