!!! Cristiano's GDC 2018 BB !!!

Ooooooh, GDC. Every year it manages to max out both my excitement and anxiety. I've been working tirelessly the past few months on a couple of sponsored talks + demos for the Intel booth on top of my regular duties, but i'm just about wrapped up!


I'm super excited about this year's talks because my guest presenters are all super amazing people. On board we've got Dirk Van Welden (@quarkcannon) who created the wildly popular VR game, Space Pirate Trainer, Mike Geig (@mikegeig) from Unity who leads their global evangelism content program (if you've been to some of the recent Unite training days you'll know him!), and my colleague Seth Schneider from the Graphics Performance Analyzer team who completely turned around the old suite of tools into something awesome.

The Unity talk, titled 'Scaling CPU Experiences: Maximizing the Unity Job System on All Levels of Hardware' focuses on the basics of the new Entity Component System & C# Job System. For those aren't familiar, see the pic below:

Each one of those troops has behaviors, raycasting arrows, formations, navmesh info, and collision systems are updated each from perfectly paralleled using these new systems. At Unite Austin the Unity CTO pumped out 90k of those troops on the new i9 system while maintaining 30 fps. It was bonkers. For more info, check out Joachim Ante's (Co-Founder and CTO @ Unity) Writing High Performance C# Scripts talk at Unite Austin 2017. Our talk takes a practical approach to upgrading your current classic project slowly to leverage the new system and will show you how to dynamically scale your entity counts based on CPU capability. Don't miss this talk on Thursday 3/22 11:30am at room 2024.

The second presentation i've helped work on is called 'Maximize Your Audience: Getting Space Pirate Trainer to Perform on Intel Integrated Graphics' and follows the trials that Dirk, my team at Intel, and Microsoft went through to get Space Pirate Trainer to run at 60 FPS on a NUC using integrated graphics. Many, including myself, thought this impossible but it ended up working quite well after a bunch of optimizations and a few small compromises. Find out exactly what we did at the talk next week on Wed @ 2pm room 2024.

To read the abstracts & throw them in your GDC calendar, check out the links:

Unity talk:

Space Pirate Trainer talk:


Also, i'm very happy to say that the amazing local Portland Indie Dev group will be having another GDC presence this year! Keep an eye out for Will, Corey & the crew around town and say what's up! Will's the dude with the big red lumberjack beard. He and Corey have been doing great things for the Portland dev scene for a while now and it's awesome to see the migration to GDC throughout the years.

Also, check out the party our awesome friends @ Gamejolt are throwing called The Other Party along with Devolver, Dreamhack and Good Shepherd. The flyer is done by another local Portland artist Hagan Deloss. Check it below and RSVP!


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