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​Recently I've been researching the idea of hormesis, which is a way to increase resilience & health through the introduction of low doses of stress. The concept in itself is intuitive and makes sense - just think of the act of exercise. You are physically causing stress & breaking your body's muscle fibers to repair and grow back stronger. You're in that sweet spot between being completely sedentary and damaging to the point of destruction. The Goldilocks's zone of growth. I've had a recent obsession with the book 'The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse For High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body'. The author Ori Hofmekler explains the various ways we've tuned to this kind of lifestyle through our evolution as humans. Everything from physical exercise, allowing hunger to just be, mental exercise, and eating hormesis inducing foods is covered in this book and I found it fascinating. I've been experimenting with introducing some of his ideas in my lifestyle and the few with the biggest bang for the buck are:

* Eating 1 big meal at night instead of many small meals throughout the day

* Limiting low GI carbohydrates

* Fasted exercising

* Small amount of cruciferous vegetables as snacks when absolutely starved

The idea of intermittent fasting is pretty new on the scene but already proven to have some tremendous benefits, but it was only until I tried it when I truly believed these alleged benefits. I found myself calm and cool throughout the day with a tremendous sense of well-being and peace. The amount of focus I can give to my work has improved substantially and I feel healthier. We all know the feeling of eating too much and feeling too lazy to function, well think about the complete opposite of that. That's the power of intermittent fasting. Evolutionary, our bodies needed to hone in our mental focus when food was scarce to create a more keen hunter. We can mechanically apply this same method to our daily work and accomplishing our greatest life goals. If you're a weirdo self experimenter like I am, I highly recommend this test. Try it for yourself and see how it changes the way you live!

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