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Show Show Lab: Immersive Story Telling - Comedians & Games

Created 5 crowd controlled mini-games to accompany comedy sets from some of Portland's favorite local comedians (Chris Ettrick, Marcus Coleman, Caitlin Weierhauser, Becky Braunstein).  Each game is based on a different segment from the corresponding comedy set, hence the immersive storytelling aspect :).  The crowd will control inputs to the games via Makey Makey systems.  Some games are programmed for co-operative play, while others pit one half of the room against the other.  There will be blood!  First event was December 8th at PNCA & next is February 2nd 2018 at the Alberta Rose Theater).

Read about the event here!

Play the games here!

Event Description

Check out the next big Show Show! It's happening at PNCA on December 8th at 6pm, and it's FREE!!

The show will feature comedians performing standup followed by playing virtuality reality games based on their jokes! There will also be audience crowd gaming on the big screen while Mechlo​ plays live chiptunes! It's gonna be a rad time and you won't want to miss the chance to see it all for free!

Show starts at 7pm, doors at 6-- come early to see an awesome Augmented Reality demo featuring previous Show Show art and play our new trading card game with AR features! It's gonna be bonkers, y'all.

Chris Ettrick
Marcus Coleman
Caitlin Weierhauser
Becky Braunstein
Hosted by Melody Rowell

VR developer: Michael J Hill
AR developers: Alicia Hoke Navarrette, Yori Kvitchko
Game developers: Cristiano Ferreira, Ben Scheiner, Mitchell Rivet, Kelly Gawne
Game artists: Ben Chapin, Grayson Bear, Sophya Vidal, Seven Bloom, Kelly Fry, Cristiano Ferreira, Melody Rowell
Poster art by Hagen Deloss

A HUGE thanks to all of our sponsors who have helped make the show possible: Wacom Experience Center, Unity, Makey Makey, PNCA MFA Collaborative Design, Overlapping Action Mini Animation Festival, Portland Indie Game Squad, Design Museum Portland