Permafrost ice bubble game

Collect enough ice bubbles to date the trapped gases (*cough* this is not a dating sim).  The game is designed to teach kids the process that scientists use in the field in a fun interactive way.  Go check it out at OMSI now through April 2018!

Gameplay video


This project was commissioned by the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI).  I worked on it from March - November 2017.  The researcher characters were modeled and rigged by Neil Hilken.  All other assets used were obtained from the asset store or designed by OMSI / myself.  This game is part of the 'Under the Arctic: Digging Into Permafrost' exhibit currently at OMSI in Portland, OR and will remain there until April 2018.  After April, the exhibit with rotate to other museums across the US and Canada.

Photos of the exhibit