Cartoon Network Game Jam Documentary

Hot cuppa joe

Help Joe Cuppa save his friends with his sick burns! Team of 5. Hot Cuppa Joe placed in the top 16 entries for the Cartoon Network Game Jam. All screenshots shown are from builds of Hot Cuppa Joe during development, and were shared in blogs and social media while the game was in production. Hot Cuppa Joe is currently unavailable for download, but will be made available on Cartoon Network’s website in 2017.

Cartoon Network also filmed the entire experience and put together an awesome mini-documentary.  It's on their YouTube channel and can be seen below!

Full source code and assets are available here.  Assets / game cannot be monetized at any time for any purpose.

Illustration: Kelly Fry

Sound: Bryan Minus

Writing / Design Voice: Reis Mahnic

Programming / Gameplay: Cristiano Ferreira


Our Team Interview