Ghost Heck

Guide your ghost through purgatory and avoid being sent to GHOST HECK!

This year's Train Jam theme was 'Unexpected Anticipation', so we thought we'd go with a red light / greenlight sort of style. Ghost Heck is a classic platformer with a twist. There is an evil eye in slumber that occasionally wakes and looks for moving ghosts. When the eye opens, you must be sure to not move or you will surely perish in ghost heck. It's important to track enemy movements to anticipate not being in their path when the eye is open.

Train Jam 2017

This was the second Train Jam I had ever attended, and I was ready!  I was happy to find out Desiree (the artist I worked with the year previously @ Train Jam 2016) was once again attending.  We, again, immediately vibed and thought of a new idea.  This year I was joined by my colleague Kelly Gawne who joined the team and help get this one done.  The game was showcased at GDC 2017 right after our arrival.


Art / Sound / Design : Desiree Fernandez

Programming: Cristiano Ferreira / Kelly Gawne