CPU Capability Tester

The CPU Capability Tester is a sample I wrote for Intel starting late 2016.  The whole point of the sample is to query system information and categorize system capability as painlessly as possible.  The library provides a few key metrics to determine what kind of hardware you're working with at run time to enable you to easily enable / disable features based on that capability.  I've been maintaining it and adding sample usages over time.  The project includes a dll for easy integration into game engines, a sample native program that prints various CPU metrics / string / info, and a Unity sample script that enables CPU heavy features based on capability.  The code was published with one of the most open licenses available (MIT).  Check out the Github link below to try it for yourself!

There is a simple usage tutorial shown in the linked article below and in the recording of my technical session for Unite LA 2016 (fast forward to the end of plugin tutorial).

Unite 2016 - Set Graphics to Stun: Enhancing VR Immersion with the CPU in Star Trek™: Bridge Crew

dynamic unity system scaling sample Video