I am a Seattle / Portland-based software developer specializing in games and graphics performance optimization.  By day I work at Oculus, helping developers get the most out of their VR apps. Previous to that, I worked at Intel for 6 years as a developer relations engineer. Both roles are very similar. My day-to-day included writing sample / feature game code demonstrating cutting edge hardware extensions, building content for / speaking at various industry trade shows and performing deep performance analysis on AAA titles with the latest industry tools.  By night, I like to make games / music / drawings, kick it with friends, climb, hike, drink beer, check out shows, and watch garbage 80s horror movies.

tl;dr of my work at Oculus, I've been involved with developer ports / optimizations to land PC quality games on the Oculus Quest since a year before it was released. I've provided direct engineering assistance to dozens of games that have successfully shipped on Quest at performance.

I am credited in the following games as the engineering help from Oculus for optimization help on the Quest:

- Superhot VR

- Death Lap

DONT Put me to work!

Cristiano is USUALLY looking for freelance work in:

  • Programming

  • Code performance optimization

  • Illustration

BUT is taking this summer off to relax in his off hours. Check back periodically!

Cristiano is a Unity Certified Developer through 11/18 with Cert ID 201611UCD1132.  See the code page for portfolio & check out some testimonials below!